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Relevant factors to forming an LLC: Factors in favor: If your goal is a ‘lifestyle business’ . Plan to pay out profits to shareholders on regular basis. Factors against: Venture capitalists tend not to like to invest in LLCs. May get slightly lower valuations in acquisitions.May get more expensive and complicated as business grows. Can be structured to look like a corporation, but that adds additional complexity and cost.

Relevant factors to incorporating as a C-Corp: Factors in favor: Facilitates outside investment - many investors can only invest in C-corporations. Facilitates stock option plans, convertible notes, etc. Prospective customers may feel that a corporation is more substantial and more “real” than an LLC. More management flexibility. Factors against: Potentially more corporate formalities, like having a board. If the plan is to primarily issue dividends to stockholders.

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Ex: Facebook, Inc. operates as a social networking company worldwide. It provides a set of development tools and application programming interfaces that enable developers to integrate with Facebook to create mobile and Web applications.
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A registered agent is the person that will accept service of process on behalf of the business in the event that you ever get sued. It must be a physical address of the state where you are incorporating. You can use your personal address but this information will also be public if anyone ever looks up the business name on the secretary of state website. If you don't want to use your own address, you can pay an annual fee to have a registered agent.

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